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Our happy customers

Law Office Milanovic has over a dozen large domestic, mixed and foreign companies on its list of clients.

Our domain of work

Law Office Milanović is especially specialized in all representations of citizens from Kosovo and Metohija in exercising their rights before the registry offices and police administrations in the process of registering births, changing names and surnames, obtaining all documents from the registry books. We also provide legal assistance in terms of exercising the right to pensions from the fund of the Republic of Serbia.

Profesionalni tim advokata

Our services

The domain of the services we provide consists of the following items

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Commercial law
Law Office Milanovic has one of the largest, most experienced and most efficient teams in these areas of law in the Balkans. If you need advice on all matters concerning your business, please contact us.
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Criminal Law
Defense and representation before the bodies of internal affairs, before the public prosecutor’s office, in the procedure of negotiating the postponement of criminal prosecution, drafting objections and answers to the indictment, drafting appeals in criminal proceedings, representing persons injured by criminal offenses and compensation
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Real estate
Meetings on the sale, drafting power of attorney for the sale, drafting sales contracts, drafting co-financing agreements and contracts for the construction of the facility, checking the legal status of the property that is the subject of the sale, assistance with legalization
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Family law
Assistance in cases of divorce, domestic violence, division of property, inheritance, alimony.
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Contract law
Contact us to draw up all types of contracts: contracts for the sale of real estate, contracts for the sale of passenger vehicles or agricultural machinery, leases, contracts of employment, construction contracts, collateral arrangements
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Labor law
Assistance in the areas of counseling and drafting of employment contracts, acts of the employer, representation of employers in negotiations with employees
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Administrative Law
Judicial protection of citizens’ rights before administrative bodies is envisaged in the form of an administrative dispute that an interested person conducts before the Administrative Court. Assistance in the areas of shortening administrative procedures, representation before administrative bodies initiating and conducting administrative disputes
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Business law
Assistance in the areas of business, trade relations and trade legislation.
“What is a doctor to a patient, a spiritual believer to a believer, is a lawyer to a client.”

Many years of work

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